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  • Inspire potential clients


    Sometimes a video is worth so much more than just product descriptions and nice photos. Our client NMC needed an inspirational product video.


    Together we worked on a script that provided an overview of the advantages and endless possibilities of the product while at the same time reflecting in a calm and stylish way exactly what Xomer stands for.


    Language: EN




  • Combating absenteeism

    Sapa Extrusion Benelux

    How do you make your employees aware of the consequences of absenteeism without giving them the feeling of being controlled? And how do you deal with problem situations?


    Employees must know that their work is appreciated and that their health and wellbeing are important. That’s why we developed a campaign for Sapa Extrusion Benelux that is both informative (guidelines, legislation, etc.) and motivational to prevent absenteeism from becoming a problem.


    Languages: NL, FR, DE




  • Bring your strategy to life


    When a company develops a new strategy, it must be implemented throughout the entire organisation. First and foremost, each and every employee must understand the new strategy in order to support it 100% and give it their all.


    Our client Goodyear organised workshops to help middle management get familiar with the new strategy. We produced a video to make this strategy crystal clear.


    Language: EN





  • Turning employees into ambassadors

    Sapa Extrusion Benelux

    Employees who are proud of their company, their work and their products are an asset to an organisation that must never be underestimated. Proud employees are not only more motivated and therefore work more efficiently; they are also ambassadors for the brand name.


    We developed a book for Sapa Benelux filled with all kinds of fascinating applications containing Sapa products. And we let the employees and managers tell their stories. This book was given to all the employees at the five production locations in the Benelux as an end-of-the-year gift.


    Languages: NL, FR, EN, DE





  • Safety first

    SABIC Genk

    The manufacturing sector often has to deal with safety risks. When visitors who are not familiar with the location come on site, it is important that they know about the safety regulations that apply.


    We created a safety video for SABIC Genk. What regulations apply? What do I need to pay attention to? What PPEs do I need to wear? These and many other questions are answered in the video in an easy to understand and personal manner. The visitor takes an online test at the end. After passing this test, the visitor is allowed access to the site.


    Languages: EN, NL, FR, DE




  • Inform and increase the feeling of solidarity


    How content the employees are plays an important role when it comes to motivation, job satisfaction and productivity. That’s why it’s so important that the employees are always kept up to date on the newest developments and goings on and that they feel part of the organisation.


    We publish both company-related and personal stories from employees or recipes with own products in the Noliko employee magazine. In this way, the employees stay informed and are valued by the organisation.


    In a communication audit we carried out, "Vitazine" scored a whopping 80.8%.


    Language: NL




  • Celebrating milestones


    An anniversary is always a time for reflection, but more importantly a time to look towards what the future has in store. An anniversary event provides the perfect opportunity.


    The firm ROM contacted us about their 50th anniversary. Together, we organised an anniversary event for clients, relations and employees as well as an exhibition about the company’s past, present and future. We published an anniversary book and took care of all of the media contacts.


    Languages: EN, DE, FR, NL




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