• Multilingual Corporate Communications

  • How can we help you?

    Full-service corporate communications agency


    Are you wondering about the best communication strategy? Or are you wrestling with a specific communication challenge?


    We can help you by mapping out your queries, problems and needs and proposing suitable solutions and a proper communication plan.


    To get your message across efficiently, you need more than just a good strategy; you also need the right tools.


    Together with you, we’ll develop the best communication methods so you can reach your target group at exactly the right time.

    Day-to-day support

    Unexpectedly faced with one fewer member in the communication team? Or do you need extra support for a particular project?


    No problem!

    We provide support in your own organisation as a member of your team.

  • "Tell me and I'll forget.

    Show me and I may remember.

    Involve me and I'll understand."

    Confucius, 450 BC

  • Concretely

    Internal communication

    Stronger together

    The most valued asset an organisation has is its employees.


    We help develop the right channels with the right messages to inform your employees in the most optimal manner, promote communication with them and improve solidarity... making them the perfect ambassadors for your organisation.

    External communication

    Spread the word

    Clients, neighbours, media or suppliers... They also appreciate regular communication with your company. And how you do this can play a large role in your organisation’s reputation.


    With the help of a goal-oriented strategy, the right channels and a strong message, we’ll ensure that the correct information reaches the intended target group at exactly the right time.

    Crisis Communication

    Keep control

    In times of crisis, a strategic and goal-oriented approach is essential for efficient communication and preserving the company’s reputation.


    Thanks to our experience in the area of crisis communication, we’re able to provide professional advice, draw up strategic crisis communication plans and act as chairman in the case of incidents. Or participate in a media course so you’ll be ready to face the press, anytime anywhere.

    Social Media

    Stay connected

    How can I use social media to reach my target group? Which channels best suit my company? And do I meet the legislative criteria?


    Our social media consultants give workshops, develop strategies or create and manage content.


    Team-based learning

    Workshops and coaching are often the ideal way to find common solutions, make new information accessible or implement new strategies.


    We give customised workshops and coaching adapted to the organisation’s culture, structure and the people who work there:

    "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I'll understand.” (Confucius, 45 BC)

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