• Our approach

    In order to work goal and result oriented, we developed our own methodology. After an in-depth analysis of the current situation and gaining a full understanding of the organisation, its people and its needs, we determine and develop the goals, target groups and channels.

  • Step 1:


    Our starting point is a thorough analysis of the organisation, its stakeholders and the challenges it faces, so that we get a clear picture of the communication needs.

    Step 2:

    Master Story

    Then we work on what it is we want to get across:

    the message.

    We write that down in an understandable story which will serve as the basis for everything we communicate.

    Step 3:


    Finally, we will search for the most suitable communication channels for each target group so that your message is communicated efficiently and your goals are reached.

    Step 4:


    It is not until then that we develop the tools and roll out the plan so that the intended target group receives the correct message at exactly the right time.